Technical Services

Environmental Sustainability

At Better Baked Foods, we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment, and we strive to ensure that we are as globally-conscious as possible.


  • All clean cardboard is recycled (approximately 40,000 lbs per month).
  • All clean plastic materials are recycled and processed into #2 grade reusable product (approximately 6,500 lbs per month).
  • All damaged product is reclaimed, recycled and processed into animal feed at a facility in Ohio.

Facility Design:

  • All office, production, and warehouse lighting have been converted to high efficiency lighting.
  • A portion of facility lighting is controlled by motion-activated sensors.
  • Steam boilers and associated chemicals have been eliminated. High-efficiency heating systems are used to heat water for cleaning.
  • Integration of vari-drive controllers to reduce electrical cost on ammonia refrigeration systems.
  • Significantly reduced energy consumption through the use of glycol under the freezer floor and heating it with ammonia compressors.
  • Reduced water usage through the replacement of urinals and toilets with 1 gallon flushes.
  • Air compressors are integrated into a computer network system in an effort to best utilize horse power for air that is needed.
  • Recently completed an air compressor cooling system project whereby all units are cooled by a closed loop glycol system. This will reduce annual water consumption by over 5 million gallons per year.