Private Label

Product Development

With a product development team that combines the creativity of bakers, innovation of chefs and discipline of food science, Better Baked Foods has the experience and knowledge to be an invaluable asset to your product development team or sales and marketing group. Through utilization of our test kitchen and pilot plant, we can either replicate the product you desire or create and launch an entirely new product based on your needs or ideas. Our “innovation to commercialization” approach means that the product we develop in the lab will be the exact product that we produce on the line… every time.

Our Product Development group is comprised of five (5) degreed food scientists that have a variety of concentrations from sensory analysis, dough technology and flavor profiling and development. We have the ability to conduct sensory evaluations, consumer testing and pure product development of dough, breads and crusts and toppings.

Our group focuses on creating and refining development for manufacturability. Although dough development and bread bases are a core competency, Better Baked Foods’ Product Development group also has over twenty years of sauce and sensory experience. We have the capability and experience to create flavors and sauces that mimic the “tastes of today” or bring new flavor combinations to light.

We understand that meeting strict requirements and demanding timelines for food product development can be difficult. Our product development team utilizes a “stage gate” approach to managing timelines and resources, while working closely with you to develop innovative ideas and handling all of the support activity concurrently. Specifications are managed through our integrated software system, which, along with regulatory, labeling, HACCP and quality assurance practices, are all part of our expert service to commercialize your product. With Better Baked Foods, you are gaining a partner as dedicated to your product’s success as you are.

Our product development facility includes:

  • 1,000-square foot Test Kitchen
    Fully-functional, including the capability to evaluate product using various wattage microwaves & a variety of ovens
  • 1,300-square foot Pilot Plant
    Pilot plant is capable of simulating bakery make up line, proofer and oven.
  • Sensory Area
    In-house sensory area includes individual booths with controlled lighting in a designated, low traffic location, free of outside distraction.