Our products range in size from 4”round to 16”round, to rectangle, square, oblong, and others. We utilize bases from our bakery, however we are also receptive to topping platforms that are not currently a core competency at our bakery.

We are diverse in our topping applications, and offer expertise in all traditional pizza toppings. However we also offer expertise in more complex topping profiles such as grilled vegetables, julienne strip meats and chipped cheese, to name a few. Breakfast toppings have also become a core competency of our topping facilities, IQF eggs, sausage, ham and bacon are a few examples of ingredients that we can add to your breakfast platform.

The majority of our commercialization is vertically integrated, as we source all of the raw materials and the manufacturing process remains in our control as we manage the baking, topping and packaging flow of the products. Once the viability of a project has been determined, we assign a Project Manager to monitor every aspect, and specific objectives and timelines are documented and monitored to attain the commercialization date that the customer has requested.

At Better Baked Foods, we strive to clearly understand the channels in which our customers do business. We assign staff members to ensure that we offer expertise to compliment the knowledge that our customers bring to the relationship.