About Us


Better Baked Foods has received an impressive array of awards and recognition for its commitment to excellence, including:

  • SQF Certification: Safe Quality Food: Better Baked Foods was awarded a level 2 certification in October 2009. Better Baked Foods obtained re-certification in January 2014
  • Third Party Audits: Recognized Facility/QA Audit Organizations
    • Silliker Laboratories Group: 96.5% Excellent, 2011
    • United States Army: Sanitary Inspection: Acceptable, 2013
    • AIB: 95%, 2008

Quarter Century Club
In 2009, Better Baked Foods established and enrolled the freshman class of the Quarter Century Club, as 33 active and retired associates were honored.  The head of the class was none other than the founding father, Robert S. Miller.

That evening was filled with reminiscing and storytelling about the first day each inductee started at Better Baked Foods.  Some came to get a job before a better job opened up, others came because their mother told them they were not going to sit around all day after graduating from high school, while some came because they heard you could get free pizza every once in a while.  For a Quarter Century Club to be established, two things are essential.  First, you need loyal, dedicated associates who will stick with you through good times and in bad and secondly, you need a healthy business that continues to turn a profit and grow, reinvesting in its people and its facilities.

Since the inception in 2009, the Quarter Century Club has grown to include a total of 69 members. a dinner was held in September 2013 to honor the new members inducted and to celebrate with their families and thanking them for their years of service.

For each of the inductees, they had their own reason for joining Better Baked Foods, and hopefully they feel as though they made the right decision and that their time here, now and in the future, will be filled with the same joy that they felt when they began their careers.