About Us


In 1964, Robert S. Miller and Bruce N. Underwood recognized the need for nutritious snack foods. With extensive knowledge of the baking business, they knew that pizza was the ideal solution. Noting that a high-quality crust could distinguish a product in the marketplace, they began to develop a formula for a unique pizza crust.

By early 1970, B&B Pizza (later changed to Better Baked Foods) was launched from a small production facility in Sherman, New York. As the business grew, newer and larger facilities were needed. In 1973, the purchase of a new plant in Westfield, NY enabled them to increase capacity and continue to grow the business.

During this period, a national brand noticed the quality of Better Baked Foods’ products and as a result, asked Better Baked Foods to manufacture a unique French bread that was spread with garlic butter. In 1978, this new business led to the establishment of a second plant in nearby North East, PA. In the winter of 2006, the third plant in Erie, Pennsylvania was purchased with the first production in August, 2007. Today, all products are baked at the Westfield facility, while the topping, packaging and distribution takes place in the North East or Erie, PA facility.

In the spring of 1986, Better Baked Foods installed a new pizza production line in North East and expanded their Westfield baking operation again. One year later, Better Baked Foods commenced their first shipments to the West Coast, thus expanding distribution of its products to a national level.

In December of 1988, Better Baked Foods changed its corporate posture and decided to aggressively pursue the private label and contract packing business. The company invested in the necessary packaging equipment required to enter the retail market for many of the well-known grocery outlets. Our contract packing business has grown to include nationally-branded companies.

Today, 50 years after the first production, Better Baked Foods, Inc. is extending its capabilities to service the needs of foodservice operators across the country. In the foodservice industry, Better Baked Foods, through its vast history and experience, is able to provide foodservice chain accounts with the same value, including quality, customized products and solutions, to meet the continuously-changing demands of foodservice operations around the globe. While recognized as the creator of French bread pizza and the largest manufacturer of single serve microwavable French bread in the world, Better Baked Foods’ expansive capabilities offer  customers a vast array of services and frozen snack food products.

Our motto is: “To Do Better Today What You Did Well Yesterday.”