About Us


Better Baked Foods’ facilities are USDA-Inspected. To ensure the highest levels of product quality and food safety, Better Baked Foods has a complete Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program (HACCP), and conducts full microbiological testing along with a detailed raw material incoming inspection program.

Better Baked Foods, North East, PA
The North East facility serves as Better Baked Foods’ topping and packaging center. This 125,000-square foot facility houses a 50,000-square foot frozen storage area (1,200 pallet spaces) and a state-of-the art topping and packaging line. This line is capable of operating both spot depositing and waterfall sauce application. Ingredient applications include cheese and two waterfall applicators capable of applying crumbles up to 1” strips of vegetables or proteins. Targeted placement of meat or cheese is also capable through high speed slicers. The line has a dedicated spiral freezer capable of achieving consistent exit temperatures of below 8 F. We have the capabilities necessary for pre-blending various ingredients; utilizing topical and spray applications; shredding block cheeses; and cold process batching of sauces on site.

This facility boasts a 1,000-square foot Product Development Technical Support Center, a Quality Assurance testing laboratory, and a distribution center and also houses all company Sales and Marketing and Administrative personnel.

  • 125,000-square foot frozen food processing plant
  • Production capacity: 100 mm lbs. of finished goods per year
  • Spot depositing & waterfall application
  • Capable of automatic flow wrapping, cartoning & case packing various size products & configurations


Better Baked Foods, Westfield, NY
The Westfield facility of Better Baked Foods houses a  75,000-square foot bakery that includes two make up lines, each focused on varying breads and crusts, as well as Better Baked Foods’ Quality Assurance Lab. Specializing in par baked crusts, one line is capable of processing over 3,500 lbs. of crust an hour. Utilizing pans, Better Baked Foods can produce die cut crusts ranging from 4” round to 16” x  24” sheets of varying thicknesses. This line also has a Werner Pfleiderer Dough Divider and Rounder which affords the capability to produce rolls, bagels, dough balls and various other hand-held baked goods ranging from 1 oz to 6 oz. in weight. Better Baked Foods’ second make up line utilizes either lidded or lidless pans; can produce over 7,000 lbs. of dough per hour; and can produce Pullman-style loaves, French breads, baguettes, and various bread formulations. Both lines are capable of handling various dough formulations including herbs, grains and various inclusions.

  • 75,000-square foot bakery facility capable of processing 7,000 lbs. of raw dough/hour
  • Capable of producing a variety of bread and crust options, including Cavity Pans, Sheet Pans, and Die Cut.
  • Capacity to produce over 27 million lbs. of baked products per year
    • Rheon Line
    • Recast Line
  • Highly Automated Process


Better Baked Foods, Erie, PA
This relatively new facility (1973), refurbished in 2006, is a 105,000-square foot manufacturing facility that provides significant capacity for growth. This facility houses four independent spiral freezers capable of consistent exit temperatures of below 20 F, and has two production lines. Both lines are equipped with spot depositing and waterfall sauce application capability as well as sliced meats and cheese application or waterfall crumble sized proteins or cheeses of up to 1 ½”  in length. The main line is capable of either shrink or flow wrapping of finished product, and the other line empties onto a bulk packing line. The main line also has a semi-automatic carton and automated master case packing, and both lines are capable of topping products ranging in size from 4” to 16” efficiently and at the highest quality.

  • Four (4) spiral freezers, 1,800 frozen storage slots
  • Spot and waterfall capabilities on each line
  • Flow, shrink wrap, and bulk packing capability on each line
  • Sandwich assembly line