About Us


To understand that PEOPLE are our greatest asset. To help develop each to his or her maximum potential through challenge and encouragement of their own individual talents and abilities, without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, or national origin. To do so in a manner which will enrich each individual experience.

To be bold, creative, and pioneering in our efforts to develop PLANS for growth. To live in the future and not in the past, by recognizing the trends of a fast changing world. To do things today that others will only think about doing tomorrow. To understand that our PLAN, when shared as a common goal, is the main artery leading to our individual future dreams.

To understand that hard work, quality, and risk are catalysts of our success and that PROFITS are our rewards. To share these rewards with employees and investors in direct proportion to their contribution after reinvestment in the company to maintain its ongoing capabilities as a productive manufacturing and marketing entity.

To be thankful for living in a country where PEOPLE are free to PLAN and PROFIT.

-Robert S. Miller, Chairman